MD Homes was founded by Mike and Stacy Dill. Together as a team they strive to create a home tailored specifically to each individual client while providing a smooth building process.

Mike + Stacy Dill

Mike is the face and brawn behind the company. He has been a part of the construction world in some way, shape, or form since high school in both residential and commercial. Mike leads the gameplans, construction, and completion side of MD Homes. He's quite possibly the biggest Steelers fan in SD - if you bleed black + yellow, you'll probably end up being best friends.

Stacy is Mike's right hand gal and handles the finishes and design. She is a designer by heart, not by trade, but feels like it's a natural part of her. Stacy's style is a tasteful mix of classic + feminine but has an appreciation for all styles out there. 

On a more personal note:
Mike is the better dancer, Stacy has the better hair, they have a very kind daughter, Talia, a wild son, Dashiell, and a very cute but naughty puppy, Autumn (affectionately referred to as Naughty Auti). As a family they love traveling between projects whenever able.